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"Ankara ALP-KUM was established in Ankara in 2018 for the production of special design machines. Our purpose of establishment is to present new designs in sandblasting machines.

Our company, which does not compromise on quality and production standards, aims to achieve its goals with a principled working approach.

Our company proves the importance it attaches to its customers with its understanding of 24/7 service and broke new ground in its sector with a 2-year service guarantee in its deliveries.

 It closely follows the sectoral technological innovations and accelerated its R&D studies with the understanding of an innovative company in the sector."


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Marble Sandblasting Machine

The machine is designed and manufactured according to the size , type and daily number of the parts to be sandblasted . Optionally, a dryer can be added to dry the wet surfaces before sandblasting.

Vacuum Blasting

Vacuum Sandblasting Machines are simple-to-use machines designed in three dimensions in a computer environment and designed to respond to special requests.


ALP-SAND With its 20 years of experience and know-how in machinery manufacturing, it has signed a brand new and very different formation under the roof of our company with its strong experienced technical staff in order to contribute to our valued customers and the country's economy.
Our team members, who have gained experience by working in different companies for years, have started to share their knowledge with you, our valued customers, with the privilege of ALP-KUM. We are a leading company in the sector that always tries to keep quality and customer satisfaction at the highest level. Our company will always be with you with its professional staff who are responsible for solving problems and fast, quality service understanding OUR QUALITY
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Suspended Sandblasting Machine

Suspended Sandblasting Machine

• Suspended Sandblasting Machine, Casting, forging, press, heat treatment, finished product, semi-product, steel manufacturing etc. It is preferred for surface cleaning, pre-coating preparation or revision works on parts. Its obvious advantages are that it allows multi-directional blasting, and that large and small parts with irregular geometry can be blasted.
Steel Balls

Steel Balls

Steel balls, which have different usage areas, are prepared under special production with their quality material structure. It is used intensively in various sandblasting works. In this regard, it is possible to say that it stands out as a sandblasting abrasive with a metallic structure. They are produced in two different designs, low carbon or high carbon. Such productions vary depending on the purpose and usage areas.

Steel Grits

Steel Grits

The usage areas of steel grits are quite high. Steel Grit varieties are preferred more especially in sectors that require high durability. Because all steel grits are resistant to high temperatures and external factors. These products, which also have a very hard structure, are separated from each other according to their intended use.

Stainless Steel Balls

Stainless Steel Balls

Today, stainless steel balls are widely used with many different advantages. The designs, which are produced with a quality material structure, create a harmonious structure. Most importantly, the stainless steel ball types, which stand out as sandblasting abrasives, create confidence in the area used with their durable and resistant effect. Types of stainless steel balls poured over the atomization process provide a long-lasting and high-quality structure.